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Etiquettes on Playing Slots

Slots and Video Poker are games that do not put you up against anyone. With that, people think that since you are alone playing, ethics and good manners are no longer needed. But as you know, good manners and right conduct must be practiced at all times, whenever and wherever you may be. There are definitely measures that Slot players must do to keep them within the acceptable standards and make the game enjoyable not just for them but for others as well. Here are some tips:

Tip #1: Do not play on a taken machine. Before you start to play, make sure that the machine you re eyeing is vacant. Look out for any signs that show you are barking on a taken machine. Some personal objects that a player may have left because he is still using the machine and just run through the restroom or anywhere inside the casino for some concerns are signs you must be looking for. Also, if you are already in the game and someone comes up to tell you that he is not yet finished playing, give way. Just make sure that he is indeed still at play.

Tip #2: Do not play multiple machines at the same time. Decide which machine you would like to play first and settle on it. Transfer to another when you are ready if it is free. It is not a good thing to reserve other machines as you are still busy with one, whether it is a crowded night or not.

Tip #3: If you find a player's card left on the machine, put it on a place the player who left it will easily find it. Normally, cards left will be redeemed later on as soon as the player who left it realizes that he did. If you put it on a prominent place, you are giving courtesy to the player by saving his time of piling up for a new one.

Tip #4: If you smoke, make sure that your habit is not annoying anyone within distance. Although you are in a smoking zone, you need to realize that not everyone in your spot smokes as well.

Tip #5: If you can afford it, tip the casino personnel. Even with games like Slots, you are still in touch with the casino personnel. If you can and you have the resources, especially when you are winning, tip them. It is but proper that you give back a portion of your earnings to those people whose services you appreciate.