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Fort Knox Mystery Progressive Slot: An Appealing Slot Variation

An appealing, captivating and engaging slot variation, Fort Knox Mystery Progressive Slot is the first-ever progressive slot introduced in gaming establishments. Players call this slot variation as mystery progressive because the machine activates the progressive jackpot randomly. Because most slot players showed interest in this game, several gaming companies took advantage of its popularity, and developed other mystery progressive slot variations.

Description of Fort Knox Mystery Progressive Slot Machines

These slot machines are easy to identify in casinos because they have 25 to 30 pay lines. The maximum bet in slot machines that have 25 pay lines is 500 coins. However, the highest possible bet that players can place in Fort Knox Mystery Progressive Slot Machines that have 30 pay lines is 600 coins.

Because Fort Knox Mystery Progressive Slot is one of the interesting penny slot variation today, players do not need to place the maximum bet just to take home the progressive jackpot. Even if they invest smaller bets, they still have the chance or the opportunity to win the game's top prize.

To get the attention of gamblers, Fort Knox Mystery Progressive Slot offers different kinds of bonus games or extra games. These bonus rounds open additional opportunities to them to get more payouts or winnings. Some of the bonus games that it offers include Mystery Bonus Round.

Winning in the Mystery Round

This slot variation offers four levels for its progressive jackpot round namely Copper, Silver, Gold and Platinum. To get to the succeeding levels, it is necessary that gamblers take home interactive jackpot prizes in every level.

If gamblers activate the mystery bonus game, they automatically qualify for the first level, which is Copper. However, it is important that they win every mystery round in each level to take home the top prize in the game.

Identifying the Slot Variation in Casinos

Players can easily know slot machines that feature this game because most casinos put sign that direct slots players to Fort Knox Mystery Progressive slot machines. When they play the game, it is essential that gamblers understand the basic mechanics of the game as well as the fundamental rules. In addition, they need to master and employ effective betting strategies that can help them get bigger payouts in the game. Finally, since luck highly affect the outcomes of this game, it is best that players assign proportion from their bankroll that they will use in the game to avoid losing great stakes.