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Slot Machines that You can Beat

Slot machines have been around for a long time and despite the common belief that slot machines cannot be controlled, the trend has slowly but surely risen into great heights. We are talking about the slot machine trend that keeps the players of the world buzzing. But one question still remains; how can you possibly beat a slot machine?

There are different playing methods in existence that will help you beat the slot machine of your choice. The first and most popular way of making sure that you stay on the lucky side of the game is that you make sure you are playing on a high-percentage payout slot machine. A high-percentage payout means that the chance of winning something is higher than with other slot machine. You might want to look for slot machines ranging in the levels above 90 percent. There are even slot machines that have a 99 percent payout rate which means that they give a payout every hit or every second hit and you might be able to beat the jackpot.

There are other methods that you can use to score on your slot machine. These methods include the standard deviation method which can also be used in many other gambling games. The standard deviation method basically works on equal ratio payout slot machine. Equal ratio means for example that if you get 20 dollars for a one dollar bet, then you should get 40 dollars in a two-dollar bet. Standard deviation simply is all about keeping your wager if you win and doubling your wager each time you lose to get back the amount that you have lost.

You might probably be familiar with the term standard deviation from your good old mathematics classes from back in school. When it comes to playing slot machines, the standard deviation technique tries to beat the jackpot by playing in a steady win or lose technique. You have to settle on a certain wager and keep this for as long as you win and of course beat the slot machine jackpot. As soon as you lose, you have to double the amount of the wager, so that when you will win the next hit, you will get back what you have lost. This also means that with every loss, you have to double and your wager might be very high in the end if you keep on losing.

The standard deviation and the high percentage payout slots should be used together so that you have the highest chance in beating the slot machine. The standard deviation technique should never be used without a high percentage payout slot machine in order to ensure that you keep beating the slot machine. Now do not forget your good playing etiquette and the coins for your grand slot machine night where you may be able to beat the slot machine with thee techniques.