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Internet Slots: One-Armed Bandits Turned One-click Damsels

Slot machines are an important part of a casino. Even though it is not a major attraction, you can always find it at the side, usually near the entrance to attract people who want easy money but does not have the skills to play card games and such. As the internet era comes in, slot machines also moved to the cyberspace. Internet slots have been all over the web for years now and same with its real life counterparts, also the front liner of online casinos. With it's easy to understand, no brainer game play, you can get easy bucks with just clicking your mouse in the right timing, with the right bet.

Before internet slots went to cyberspace, there was the first slot machine. An American named Charles Fey invented it in 1887, in San Francisco, California. It had three wheels and has ten symbols for each wheel. It was named the "Bell" machine because in his machine, to get three "bell" symbols will give you the jackpot prize. It was also called the "one-armed bandits" because of the lever at the side, which enables the spinning of the three wheels. The main purpose of these machines before was to distract companions of the players that go to the casino to play the main attractions. When Fey collaborated with Herbert Mills in 1910, they made it more creative by changing the symbols to fruits. Housewives or girlfriends of casino players got hooked to this game because of this. It is eye-catching, and very easy to play. Not to mention the big jackpots. The fruit symbols are still being used until now even on internet slots.

In internet slots, random numbers are generated by the computer, which gives you the symbol for a particular reel. The random number generator function of modern computers gives you foolproof reliability. Same with slot machines in casinos, internet slots have the spinning symbols displayed in your screen. It has the same vibrant colors, and most online casinos even try to imitate the atmosphere of a true casino by putting in some familiar background music.

In the comfort of your own home, even just a pastime or a serious gambling experience, you can count on internet slots to entertain you. You do not have to go through the hassle of traffic and time just to run through those reels and prove how lucky you are today. Internet slots are all over the internet, you can search it on Google and it will give you a million websites to choose from.